Carlos Couto’s interest in photography can be traced back to his childhood in Portugal. It was here that he discovered documentary photography in the pages of the National Geographic. Not only did these images fill his bedroom walls, they also ignited his imagination. Many years later, as part of the United States Army, he had the opportunity to travel the world and see its wonders with his own eyes. It was during these years that he embraced photography as an important part of his life. South Asia played an important role in this journey and his time in India planted the seeds that brought about his current exhibition, “Unguarded Moments.”

After leaving the Army Carlos experienced some difficult times. He was unemployed for a while and the transition back to civilian life proved to be challenging. It was during this period that his girlfriend, Poonam, encouraged him to volunteer for some kind of organization with links to the arts. She saw his passion for the arts as well as the artist in him. With her support he volunteered as a coordinator for the Hells Kitchen Arts Association, a role he still plays during his spare time. The organization helps NYC artists to promote and develop their careers. He does similar work for the International Women Artists Salon. Today Carlos has a full time job, he dedicates a great deal of time to helping artists, he is a respected activist for the arts in the city, he is an avid collector and he is an artist. Poonam and Carlos live in Brooklyn and they are engaged to be married this year.


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